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These are the terms and conditions you are going to need to read through. For your own safety.

This clothing contains pads of cut-retardant material designed to reduce the risk of severity of injury to the body parts covered by the pads, in the event of contact with a rotating saw chain.The protective pads in this garment may not prevent penetration of a saw chain, but may afford additional time to react and prevent further penetration and injury. The actual degree of protection afforded will vary with the speed of chains at the time of contact, the power of saw, the design of the chainsaw sprocket, and similar factors. This product is not intended to be a substitute for good chainsaw operating and safety procedures.

Carefully read and follow all safety, maintenance, and operation instructions in your current chainsaw safety manual. Severe personal injury can result from contact with a rotating chain saw despite the use of this garment. This garment should no longer be used as protective clothing if the garment is damaged, cut, improperly washed, dried, or repaired, as the cut retardant qualities of the pads may be eliminated.

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Ironwood Chainsaw Pants Safety Label

ironwood label

Dogwood Chainsaw Pants - Calf Wrap Safety Label

ironwood label

Dogwood Chainsaw Pants - Apron Safety Label

RAC Chaps Safety Label

Plane Chaps Safety Label

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