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Washing your chainsaw protection apparel properly helps keep the protective fibers and safety pads intact. For maximum effectiveness, follow these washing instructions.

Before Washing

  • Empty pockets of any items
  • Fasten all buttons and completely close all zippers
  • Brush off excess debris
  • Spot clean if possible to minimize any stubborn stains

Washing Instructions

DO Wash in Cold Water Machine or By Hand

  • Wash in low temperature
  • Use a gentle cycle, as forceful agitation can dislodge the protective fiber layers.
  • DO NOT Bleach
  • Wash your chainsaw pants with a non-chlorine detergent
  • Avoid harsh detergents or fabric softeners that cause build-up.

Post-Wash Care

DO Hang or Line Dry

  • Re-shape your pants and put the protective blocking back to the original shape to keep the pads in working order.
  • Air dry is best
  • Avoid all direct heat sources like sunlight, tumbling dryers, or irons

Cold Water Wash by Machine or Hand

You absolutely can wash your chainsaw protection apparel in a washing machine. Use a gentle cycle at low temperatures of water. While the fabric is engineered to take a beating, the protective fiber layers can be dislodged if your washer has a forceful agitator. Washing by hand or without a spin cycle is ideal to help keep the blocking material from breaking down, reducing effectiveness.

No Bleach

Use traditional non-chlorine detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners that build up on fabric and within blocking layers. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents.

Hang or Line Dry

After washing, re-shape the chainsaw protection apparel and protective blocking to original shape to keep the pads in proper working order. Air drying is best. Do not tumble dry, high heat dry nor dry clean. Using a dryer at even medium heat can alter the chainsaw chaps’ protective fibers. Avoid all direct heat sources like sunlight, tumbling dryers or irons.

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