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The Arborwear Advantage

At Arborwear we are passionate about fit, comfort and the longevity of our product. Why? Because your clothes should fit the same from style to style, they should be comfortable the second you try them on and they should be able to work as hard as you. Isn’t this the way it should be? It may sound simple but we work our tails off trying to keep it that way. Here are a few of the things that help make us unique.

Garment Washing

With all of our cotton goods, we weave or knit the fabric, wash it, build the garment, and then wash it again. This pre-shrinks the garment and makes it broken in, comfortable and ready to wear right off the rack.

Industrial Stitching

Our industrial, double-needle stitching throughout and strategically placed bar tacks reduce seam blowouts and strengthen high wear and tear areas for longer use. You won’t find rivets that get in the way or excessive stitching, we build our garments so you don’t need all that.

Rugged Gussetâ„¢

Arborwear’s exclusive 3-piece Rugged Gussetâ„¢ is sort of like rocket science. Guess you can call it Pants Science. With a 3 part construction that extends from inner knee to inner knee, all of our pants give you incredible range of motion and reduce stress on the seams that most commonly blow out.

YKK Zippers

Only YKK brand zippers are used in our products. YKK zippers are the benchmark for strength and durability and the only choice for quality brand apparel.

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