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Chainsaw Protection Solutions
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Stretch those limbs, not your safety limits.

We care that these Chainsaw Protective Apparel get you home without accident or injury every time. That’s why we developed a Full Care Checklist. Take your time to scan for:

Fabric strain, major cuts and rips, or burn marks

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Loose or dislodged blocking material

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Built-up debris, oil, or moisture

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Inspect Chainsaw Protective Apparel That:

  • Are cut, torn, or damaged
  • Are sewn, patched, repaired or modified in any way
  • Are soiled to discoloration with oil, dirt or moisture
  • Have loose or clumpy blocking layers

Fine Print You’ll Want to Read

Avoid Wearing Chainsaw Protective Apparel That:

  • Do not fit properly
  • Need major repair
  • Have compromised blocking fibers exposed you can see through significant holes
  • Are shrunk due to improper washing or drying
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