DMM Triple Attachment Pulley

Style # : PUL100RD


The Triple Attachment Pulley forms an integral part of the renowned Hitch Climber System and is a firm favorite of working at height professionals the world over. The three hole construction makes rigging and organizing much simpler and allows for off-center hanging to minimize rope to pulley friction.

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  • ‘Textile friendly’ curves, high strength, low weight
  • Rigging plate helps organize single or multiple attachments
  • Fairlead flares help maintain high working efficiency
  • Rounded side plates edges maintain low rope abrasion when rope is fed ‘unfair’
  • Compatible with most carabiner shapes and many textile connecting elements including rope and webbing
  • Size of attachment holes reduce probability of unwanted rotation of locking carabiners
  • Direct connection to textile components at the round edged attachment holes, helping to reduce system costs, increase lift height, minimise space required and enhance tolerance to torsion
  • Side plate shape allows an autoblock knot to function when the rope approaches the sides as well as at the bottom of the pulley
  • Tamperproof construction



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