Petzl NEWTON FAST MEWP Kit (Includes Bucket 15L)

Style # : K095DA00


Petzl’s MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) Kits provide ready-to-use fall arrest solutions for workers that are easily stored & ready to go when needed. These kits include fall arrest harness, fall-arrest lanyard, connectors, and stowage bag so the unit is always on-hand when needed. 3 different kits provide options for harness and lanyard. All are certified to ANSI Z359.11, ANSI Z359.13.

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Newton Fast Kit:

Fast buckles on the leg loops and adjustable-length lanyard make this kit faster to put on and more adaptable.  Contains: Newton Fast harness, Absorbica-l Vario lanyard, 2 x Bm’D carabiners, 2 x Captiv bars, black Bucket 15l bag.Installation is quick and easy; simply attach the carabiner on the shock-absorber end to the fall arrest attachment point on the NEWTON harness, and the carabiner on the other end to the approved fall arrest anchor point in the MEWP.

Fall Arrest Harness:

Each harness includes an anodized aluminum dorsal attachment point, a textile dorsal attachment point, and a textile sternal attachment point. All harnesses in the NEWTON range are certified to meet the ANSI Z359.11 standard and OHSA regulations.

Fall Arrest Lanyard:

The ABSORBICA-I lanyards feature a compact energy absorber, which provides energy absorption in case of a fall and limits the arresting force on the worker, in accordance with the ANSI standard. ABSORBICA-I VARIO IS adjustable between 3 ft. and 5 ft.

Each lanyard comes pre-assembled with two Bm’D connectors (ANSI Z359.12 compliant) and two CAPTIV positioning bars, allowing it to meet the ANSI Z359.13 standard with no manual assembly required. If you already own a fall arrest harness, these pre-assembled lanyards are available for purchase separately.


Each MEWP kit comes with a BUCKET 15 bag to store and transport the kit. The BUCKET features a roll top closure, two large handles for carrying by hand, and an external zippered pocket. It is made of high-strength TPU tarp material and is resistant to UV exposure (doesn’t fade), oil, grease, and high and low temperatures.



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