CMI California Swivel Version 3

Style # : CALI-G


Finally, a multi attachment non-pulley connections point for your suspensions bridge. The #CaliforniaSwivel offers you just the right amount of friction while giving you a wide surface area to be softer on your bridge than a rigging plate or conventional ring, all while keeping everything clutter free and in its place. Whether you run a rope, or webbing style bridge, this swivel will truly be your ultimate bridge accessory.

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New swivel bottom material is cut from an aluminum that is 25% harder than the old alloy.

Fits both rope and webbing style bridges, even with a spliced eye

Connection holes are large enough to facilitate up to a 1/2″ rope for direct connection while the middle attachment can fit most carabiner gates through it for easy rotation

Replace when lower half of swivel shows significant signs of wear.



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