Husqvarna 540 XP Mark III 16″ Gas-Powered Pro Chainsaw

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Husqvarna 540 XP® Mark III is a nimble and lightweight gas chainsaw in the 40cc class, designed for professional tree care and thinning operations.

Includes: Sprocket Nose, Mounted Spikes, SP21G X-Cut Chain, and 16″ Bar.

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The powerful engine combined with the optimal choice of SP21G or S93G chain delivers impressive cutting capacity with fast acceleration. The easy, reliable starts – cold as well as hot – and smooth maneuverability make this chainsaw a favorite for any tree care team.


  • 2.39 cu.inch Cylinder displacement
  • 2.6 hp Power output
  • 66.4 fts Chain speed at max power
  • High cutting capacity: New engine design offers plenty of grunt for peak performance even during longer cuts. The high cutting capacity makes the saw ideal for productive operation – even when using a longer guide bar.
  • Always optimized: Thanks to AutoTune 3.0, the engine settings are always optimized for maximum startability and performance in all conditions, keeping you going no matter the challenges with no need for manual carburetor adjustments.
  • Felling sight to last a lifetime: Perfect sight is critical when felling – so we made one that will outlast the chainsaw itself.
  • Optimized saw body: No protruding parts, a smooth underside, rounded starter cover and well-protected controls all make the saw easy to handle.
  • Air Injection filters 98% of incoming dust: The Air Injection™ feature on the chainsaw filters 98% of incoming sawdust, grit and dirt to reduce the amount of air filter cleanings and ensure high performance at all times.
  • Connectivity ready: Keep your saw and yourself up to date with Husqvarna’s digital services. Just plug in the optional Integrated Connectivity Device under the cover. Then you’re ready to connect and diagnose the engine.
  • Flip-Up Fuel Cap: Easy to open and secures firmly, even when wearing thick gloves
  • LowVib® Technology: Dampeners between the engine and chassis significantly reduce vibrations so you can work more comfortably
  • Retained bar nut: The retaining function prevents loosing the bar nut.
  • Retained starter screws: A retaining function prevents the accidental loss of the screws holding the starter.


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