Product Name Granger's Waterproofing Wax
Style # GRF129
A soft wax designed to provide unparalleled water-repellency and nourishment to leather footwear.

Granger's Waterproofing Wax is a soft wax-based product designed to offer maximum nourishment and protection to all leather footwear.

Keeping leather boots looking and performing at their best can be something of a challenge. Boots and shoes are arguably the hardest working element of any outdoor kit – meaning that they already need to be maintained regularly – but without extra care leather footwear can dry out, crack, and become incredibly difficult to wear.

Fortunately, providing much-needed protection to leather footwear is easy with Granger's Waterproofing Wax. Easy to apply, and offering maximum nourishment and protection, this product is perfect for situations where water-repellency is of paramount importance. Simply apply sparingly to clean footwear before heading out into heavy rainfall, marshland, or other wet environments.

Granger's Waterproofing Wax is suitable for use on all smooth leather footwear, and is perfect for restoring water-repellency and providing unrivalled nourishment to hiking and walking boots.


Granger's Waterproofing Wax uses a natural beeswax formulation to provide excellent water-repellency, nourishment, and stain protection to all leather footwear.

• Formulated to provide enhanced protection to leather footwear.
• Produced using natural beeswax for improved performance.
• Protects against water, oil

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