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The women's version of our very first product is still the best pair of heavy duty climbing pants around. What customers love: "rugged yet comfortable; roomy fit; reliable; already feel broken in." Also available in Men's.


Ask and you shall receive. Our customers asked us for a women's version of the pants that made us who we are today. Done. Our 12.5 oz. pre-washed canvas Originals feel broken-in right from the get go and sit just below the waist for added comfort. Our signature 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch, industrial stitching, and double knees allow for maximum free range of movement, comfort and durability. And our custom semi-tapered cuffs won't get hung up when you are doing your thing. So go climb something. Something tall and sharp. And possibly maple-flavored.


• 12.5 oz. Pre-washed, Ringspun Cotton Canvas

• 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch

• Double Layer Knee, Boot Friendly Work Cuff

• Sits Just Below Waist

• Signature Utility Pocket


Reviewed by Em

Love these pants and the tree climber shorts. I wear these everyday to work. Very durable, comfortable, and come in a size small enough for petite women. My only complaint is the shipping cost!! Wow. Very expensive ($17 for 3 pair of shorts) in a day and age when so many places offer free shipping.

Reviewed by Dysney

These are hands down the best rugged pair of pants I have EVER owned and I am no spring chicken. I am an avid camper, hiker, nature lover and big time gardener. I also have Post Treatment Lyme Disease and feel I have an extra layer of armor against those nasty horrible life altering beasts wearing these pants. I have washed these suckers every time I've come back from any outdoor adventure to be sure none of those horrible creatures reinfects me again. I have had them for 3 yrs. I have a community plot 10x20 , garden in my back yard and manage a flower and veggie herb garden for my job; so imagine how many times those pants have been washed just from gardening alone 9 months out of the year. I also wear them in the winter with longies too. Would love to see a flannel lined pair come out and totally with the denim lady! An avocado green would be nice too. Only bummer is my first day, don't you know, I got olive oil of all things on them and treated the area with all natural laundry soap and rubbed the soap into the pants and the fabric color came out. I still wear them and the spot is a reminder that nothing in this world is perfect and will still wear them until they fall to pieces, which I think won't be for a quarter of a century! I am 5'8" 120 lbs. and wear a size 6x32, when I weighed 30 lbs. more I wore a 10, funky huh? My boyfriend loves them on me too; extra bonus! Fan for life!

Reviewed by Madison

I love these! I work in natural resources and have had a VERY hard time finding durable work pants that fit my size/length. I tried Carhartt work pants which I liked at first, but both pairs have worn through in one year and the quality nowhere compares to Arborwear. Arborwear has a much better fit and they are still holding up after two years of tree climbing/bush wacking/field work. Please keep making durable women's work clothes! I have met so many women in my field that have had a hard time finding them--especially for small sizes.

Reviewed by Gargoyle

These are the best. I’m so fed up with Carhartt, with everything skinny, with stretch (burns really easily). Continue producing more womens’ items, you can see that they are needed. Thank you Arborwear. I’m a straightish build 150 lbs 5’6” and I bought the size 8 in 32 and 34 inseams.

Reviewed by Jessie

Actually bought these pants on sale at a local North 40 for working clean up crew at the planer. The waist runs small, and I had to actually go 2 sizes up from my normal pants size. Usually I can fit into an 8 but I had to get a 12 and make them 2 inches longer than usual cuz they're rather stiff. I'm about 5'7, 143lbs. Was a bit surprised on how high they come up. If they made the waist bigger and a little lower I would've of given 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sara

I love my arborwear tree climbers pants. I am a smaller woman (5'7, 125 lbs) and was thrilled when I learned about arborwear because they make pants that fit much better than other brands. The pants are still a bit big and I would be thrilled to see some smaller sizes made. I work in an underground mine and they hold up to the job for about a year before they start getting holes in them. Which is pretty good considering the conditions they are used in. The pants are comfortable and do not restrict range of motion. They do shrink if you dry them, but loosen back up after they are worn for a couple hours. I give four stars because there is not a smaller size offered. Overall, they are great pants. I recommend these pants to women (and men) in the mining industry often.

Reviewed by Megan

These pants are almost perfect-- and blow all other "women's work pants" out of the water. The only edit I would make would be adding a side-hip pocket for holding a cell phone and offering a 29" inseam. I manage a small-scale diversified educational farm, which means that I wear these clean-looking, well-fitting pants every day all season long. They are bomb-proof: the stitching, durability at stress points (keys, knife, and pencil tips in pockets, wonderful gusseted crotch, button hole, etc.) and double knees are thoughtfully designed and rugged without chafing or rubbing. Even though they are a sturdy material, they're the right weight for all but the hottest weeks for a New England summer. They wash beautifully. As others mention, they shrink a bit after washing/drying, but they loosen up after a few minutes' walking. I spend most days kneeling, squatting, bending over, and I appreciate the higher rise and slightly slimmer waist band for the lack of gapping in the back. The pockets are big and roomy, and my daily front pocket carry (chapstick, keys, pocketknife, sharpie) disappear naturally without bulging. I can hold a 3x5" notebook and iPhone 6 in the rear pocket-- but not for long, and not for squatting-- the fitted waistband/rise make it so that the pockets fit body contours, but put stress on non-flexible items like my phone (the notebook is bendy and stays secure). The leg holes are just right-- fit over my Bog workboots but I can tuck them in if it's raining. For reference, I am a solid/muscular build with a long torso and short legs, 5'3"/135# and the size 6x30" fits perfectly (except I could definitely take a 28.5" inseam). I love that these pants are so clearly designed for women. Along those lines, I wish a women's work pant with a higher rise might also have a tiny demi-panel of elastic a la maternity pants, or something that could flex a little with you (but not so large that a belt wouldn't keep them from sliding). Women's bodies change-- mine certainly did after having my two kids-- but the work doesn't, so something that could offer a tiny bit of give in the higher waist would be amazing.

Reviewed by Stephanie

These pants are very comfortable, rugged and durable--and apparently unstainable. Everything I have dished out so far has washed off my tan pants without pretreatment: machine grease, dirt & grass, sap, bright red buffalo hot sauce, other unknown substances, and even the world's most staining substance- the chapstick I accidentally washed in the pocket. Everything else in that load had chapstick stains and was ruined, but not these pants! After a couple of months at my job pants usually start to come apart at the seems, split at the crotch and/or tear at the knees. 3 months in and no signs of wear at all on these bad boys. I rated these only 4 out of 5 stars for three reasons. 1) The waistband is much smaller than the hips and the pants rise much higher than I am used to, so they seem to run about a size smaller than other women's pants, but only in the waist. The hips, legs and butt fit just fine and are even a bit roomy, if I ordered a size larger they'd fit at the waist, but be too big everywhere else. 2) The material is very stiff and because I am up and down all day long they bunch at the back of the knees and then stay bunched. If you have to crouch or go from standing to bended knee repeatedly; order your pants 2 inches longer than your inseam measurement or you'll look like Urkle at the end of the day. 3) Only available in three colors. If these came in black and denim I would order these pants exclusively. The pants are too expensive to justify paying to have them dyed to meet uniform standards.

Reviewed by Cyn

Great pants that hold up! TRUST ME, I do astronomy outreach programs and I am always setting up equipment--on bended knees in the grass and even on concrete. Only reason I gave this 4 and not five stars is my hope that these same pants will be offered in denim! Thanks for introducing a third color! Arborwear, continue to expand your line for women. These pants break in beautifully and are perfect in every way. Thank you for remembering the ladies out there who need real work wear!!! They are worth every penny!

Reviewed by Lauren

These pants are awesome! I had some pretty high expectations about the fit and quality of the pants, but I was not disappointed, not at all. They are rugged for sure, but comfortable. I can't wait to break them in over the summer! I am 5'8", bout 145 lbs as well and ordered a 8x30, and they fit me great. So I would suggest not going by us, and measuring your inseam to get the best fit. I am very happy with these pants, they are totally worth 60 bucks to me. The only thing wrong with them is that they only in two colors... *hint*hint* Thank you Arborwear for some honest hardworking pants.

Reviewed by Gillian

I want SO badly to love these!! I've been trying to break them in for a week but they're so stiff. I love the length and durability, and the room in the thighs and calves is perfect. But the hip area is very tight, and these severely limit my range of motion, which was actually dangerous when I was out cutting. Does anyone have tips on how to break these in? If they moved a little mkre smoothly I'd even be willing to lose 5lbs to make them fit better!! I'm 5'8" and 158lbs.

Reviewed by Katherine

I think I'm going to like these very much once I get the right size--OH MY GOODNESS they run tiny!!! I normally wear an 8, and have never owned a pair of pants larger than size 10...but I can barely get this 10 over my thighs and buttoned. I probably need a 14! Which is fine for me, but what about people who normally wear a 14?? The average American woman will be sized out of these pants...

Reviewed by Nicole

These pants are wonderful. I am a petite woman (5'3", 110 lbs) and these pants were recommended by a guy friend who has the men's version. I wore them for 6 months straight doing forest thinning in the backcountry. They are well made and remain sturdy, but after they're worn-in they also become softer and comfortable. I even think they're cute when they're freshly washed and paired with a sandals and a blouse - but that's just a bonus. They're highly functional. I like the gusseted crotch, the leg width (wide enough to fit over my bogs and hiking boots, but not baggy), and the fact that they don't have huge curvy hips. Some women just aren't curvy. They do run a little small. Unfortunately for me, the 4 is still too big. Arborwear: please make a 2 and/or 0 because you will have an absolute monopoly on work pants for petite women!! I have been on the constant search for 8 + years and NO ONE makes quality, serious work pants for petite women. Kid's clothing is not a viable option. I love these pants, just wish they made one more size down :) I highly recommend trying them. If they do fit your body type, you will love them and be forever grateful.

Reviewed by Luna

I just bought a pair of your women's original tree climbers and I'm totally hooked on the gi style crotch, double knees, and the fact that you use 100% cotton. If you could make the men's arbenter pants (Style # 102611) in women's sizes and shape that would be so very cool, and I would never buy any other pants ever again. You guys rock, keep up the awesome work!

Reviewed by Laura

I love these pants! Soft and comfortable. I've been looking for these pants, go glad I found them!

Reviewed by Jen

Love the pants, but nothing fits me. 125 lbs, 5'4", 6 x 30 is too flat in the rear end, 8 x 30 is way too big. What a shame!!! Wish the back end was a bit fuller, especially for being able to kneel more comfortably...

Reviewed by Grace

Wow! How can such a tough pant be so soft and supple at the same time? Thank you Arborwear. These blow Carhartt pants out of the water...I don't even like comparing the two. I'm 5'8'', 145 lbs and 8x34 fits really well with a little length to spare. They fit perfectly on the hips and aren't baggy in the legs. Really quite flattering pants. I'm going to order another pair. I hope Arborwear will continue to put out more workwear for women.

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