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Transpiration is a term used to describe how plants absorb moisture and release the vapor into the atmosphere. What better term to describe our lineup of 100% polyester tops that are designed to move sweat away from the body and evaporate into the air. The result is a t-shirt that keeps you cool and dry while limiting your stench factor. Regular fit with flat lock seams throughout for a comfortable fit. Just think, you'll finally be cool and smell fresh! See, we care.


• 4.3 oz. 100% Performance Polyester

• Moisture Wicking, Odor Inhibiting

• Flatlock Seams


Reviewed by Steve

While I love these shirts for their appearance, their durability, their sweat-wickingness and all that, I have to say that they are weird. Like, fer reals weird. My advice is to only buy the light gray shirt. The reason is this: these shirts attract lint like a mo-fo! After a wash and dry, the dark shirts are COVERED in lint that doesn't seem to go away til mid-day. You can put in a dryer sheet and it doesn't help because - I kid you not - the shirts ALWAYS turn inside out in the dryer and trap the lint regardless. Seriously. It doesn't matter if I put them in inside out or rightside out in the dryer - they are always inside out after the dryer is done and covered in lint. Except the light gray ones.....go figure. Other than that - LOVE 'EM!

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