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Need some good pants that are nice and tough on the outside, but will keep you nice and warm on the inside? These flannel lined pants are just the thing you’re looking for.


These flannel lined pants are tough on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside. Kinda like a 3-day old donut you just micro-waved. Of course, we don’t use donuts to make our Flannel Lined Original Pants. We use a 12.5 oz. pre-washed, ringspun cotton canvas just like our 12 oz. Original Tree Climbers' Pants, but we also add in a gusseted 4 oz. Flannel lining. That keeps you nice and cozy whether you’re working in the cold or just out to have some fun.


• 12.5 oz. Pre-washed, Ringspun 100% Cotton Canvas

• 4 oz. Cotton Flannel Lining

• 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch

• Signature Utility Pocket

• Double Layer Knee

• Boot Friendly Work Cuff

• Garment Washed


Reviewed by Brad

I'm writing this as a person who has lived and worked in canvas pants for over 20 years. Here's what Arborwear got right. The 12.5oz canvas is superb and feels superior to Carhartt's equivalent. The fit is what I've been looking for. Not too tight and not so baggy I look like MC Hammer and Bob the builder had a baby. The flannel is comfortable and tough. The gusset creates such a nice fit I now can't live without it. But here's where they fall short. First, they chose the worst pocket cut imaginable. The western, or rounded, pocket cut is difficult and uncomfortable to put your hands in and worse for actually carrying anything in there as the item sits on your inner thigh. This is a tough flaw to overcome. Second, their "signature utility pocket" looks like they put a lot of thought and effort into limiting the usefulness of this pocket. Why intentionally close off the top of the pocket? To keep stuff in? No worries, nothing fits anyways. No cell or anything wider than 1.25" will fit in this pocket. I'm at a total loss when trying to figure out why they did that. My final issue isn't with quality but selection. There's no option for a tall, slender man. No 32/36. If you're looking for a specific look and quality pants, you'll be blown away by these. If you're looking to work in these and make the most of your pants you're going to...reluctantly like these. If Arborwear makes any of these changes, I'll outfit my family and company with them. They're that good

Reviewed by J.J.

These are super-duper great pants. I also, however, made the mistake of ordering a size too small for myself, but I did get to feel these pants. Absolutely AWESOMENESS! If they came in size 38x36, I'd be having me some new winter pants for Northern Michigan.

Reviewed by Michael

Assume, are extremely comfortable. I was warm in nearly 30" of snow around 10 degrees.

Reviewed by Tal

Incredible pants, its like having a built in heating pad for your crotch!

Reviewed by Nathaniel

Super comfortable and warm. My new go-to pants when the weather gets cold, and it always does!

Reviewed by Jace

These are the Bees Knees (best phrase ever, I think so) I love them! So comfy! The only issue is that I hit the wrong button upon checkout and got a size too small but I still got to feel them. They are tough like the originals and comfy like my flannel pajamas!

Reviewed by Daniel

The sacred possession. When I was 10 years old it was my Kiss Alive II album. Later it became my hiking boots. Today it’s my fleece lined Arborwear pants. And I thought the men in paint rocked!

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